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Gardenia Shrub?

Been wanting a Gardenia. Seen the 'big' ones - prob 6+ ft. Purchased a 'Mystery' yesterday but read later only 3 ft tall. Does anyone know? Or which are the bigger ones? Can't even seem to find a good site w/different Gardenias %26amp; their sizes, etc.


Gardenia Shrub?
This website seems to have everything you could ever need to know about gardenias :)
Reply:I'd suggest contacting the extension horticulturist for a university in your area. They will be able to tell you about varieties and size, and point you toward books and other information to find what you're looking for.

I love gardenias; when I was a kid, people in central Texas where I grew up had them everywhere. I can remember many hot nights when the scent was everywhere!
Reply:Gardenia jasminoides "Mystery" 4 to 6'(8)
Reply:I found this site*. You may have to go to a smaller garden store that will either carry or order what you want.

Take extra time to develop the bed as Gardenias use up a lot of nutrients. Sulphur, bone and blood meals plus peatmoss are good additions.





Gardenia varieties are much loved shrubs originating in China. They thrive in the warm temperate climate of Sydney, and the most popular varieties are:

G. augusta 'Florida', a glossy leaved evergreen shrub 1.2 to 1.5M high, with pure white heavily perfumed flowers mainly in the warmer months.

G. augusta 'Magnifica' which has larger flowers than Florida, and grows 1.5 to 2 m high.

G. augusta 'Radicans'is a prostrate ground cover with smaller leaves and flowers than the taller varieties, but perhaps flowers in greater profusion.

G. x 'Gold Magic' has white flowers that turn to a lemon color before falling.

G. x 'Aimee Yoshiba' has a similar growth habit to 'Florida', with larger flowers, and larger, more open foliage.

CONDITIONS: Gardenias like semi shade - dappled light, or morning sun, with some warmth. Although sometimes they can be seen growing in a full sun position, their foliage will burn off and flowers damaged in the hot sun. They prefer an acidic soil enriched with composted organic matter.

Gardenias grow quite well in containers, and for a spectacular specimen plant, a standard gardenia is excellent. When planting in containers, select a pot of appropriate size. Use preferably Debco Terra Cotta and Tub Mix, and ensure that the pot can drain freely. Although the gardenia likes to be kept just moist, it must never be allowed to sit in a saucer or pool of water. Take great care in summer to ensure that container grown gardenias are adequately watered. They dry out very easily.

CARE: Gardenias tend to leach trace elements from the soil. Patterned yellowing of the leaves may indicate manganese or magnesium deficiencies, and these can be corrected by the addition of appropriate trace elements, or using an enriched fertilizer. They should be fertilized in Spring with a complete fertilizer such as Organic Life, or in containers, Aussiecote or Garden Gold may be more pleasant. Granular Azalea %26amp; Camellia Food can be used on bed planted gardenia. The lower leaves on the branches of gardenia yellow and fall as new growth is made at the head of the branches. It is important to prune back at least every second year, after flowering, to prevent the plant from become "leggy" and sparse.

PESTS: Gardenia may be attacked by mealybug - this insect must be eradicated by using a systemic spray such as ROGOR, CONFIDOR, or FOLIMAT. Scale (notably white wax scale) can be treated with YATES SCALE GUN, ANTISCALE, PESTOIL,or by mixing a white oil spray.

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