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How to make an ironing spray with the scent of gardenia/rosal flower?

Sometimes I mix my liquid fabric softener with some water and spray my clothes while I`m ironing. This will not give the starch look but it will get the wrinkles out.

If you are wanting to starch them I would mix some cornstarch, fabric softener and water together and make homemade starch. Before putting the iron on the spray, rub what you have sprayed on your clothes in real good with your hand or you will have alot of starch build up in one spot. I would not use this mixture on anything white.....Good Luck and have fun!

How to make an ironing spray with the scent of gardenia/rosal flower?
Use water and what scent of oil you want and why, that's they make perfume so a person can smell good who will be smelling of your clothes after you iron them.
Reply:you'll have to take a bottle of water and mix some essential oils in there. It won't have the crunchiness of starch but it will help get the wrinkles out

Flower similar to a Gardenia?

I have a person that works with me that had these beautiful BIG flowers on her desk. She didn't know what they were but to me it looked similar to the Gardenia pictured here...

I thought that's what it might be but there were other flowers that were bright purple and red and white. (all looking the same). She knew they came from a bush but that's about it. I have just never seen a flower this big (almost the size of a paper plate!). Does anyone know of any flowers that might look similar and have color?

Flower similar to a Gardenia?
I agree with the other answerer, I think you're looking at Peony(Paeonia). Most are herbaceous perennials, although there are some woody/ shrubby ones (Paeonia suffructosa). Peony is available in a wide range of colors, some flowers are fragrant. All do best in full sun with the soil being kept moist.

Your local independent garden center should have a selection of plants available this time of year. I would suggest picking one in a two or three gallon pot. If you start too small, it'll be years before you see some 'serious' flowering.

Good luck-
Reply:Sounds like a peony to me--they smell wonderful and come in different colors.
Reply:The picture you have is of a Peony. The variety is named "Gardenia", because of it's color and it's wonderful scent.

-peonies are long-lived (over 50 years).

-peonies are hardy (to USDA zone 2).

-peonies are drought tolerant.

-peonies are low maintenance.

-peonies are deer-resistant.

-with thoughful selection of cultivars, the peony bloom season can last 6-8 weeks

-many new varieties have strong stems.

-peonies have been cultivated for more than 2000 years as medicinal and ornamental plants.

-flowers come in a range of colours, including yellow, coral, peach and lavender, in addition to white, blush, pink, magenta, and red.

Peony blooms may be single, semi-double, double, anemone, Tree variety, or Japanese in form, and their scent can be classified as rose, lemon, honey, or musk.

I am a horticulturalist in Canada.
Reply: Flower Care from YaoFlowers The fertile plateaus high in the mountains of Ecuador and Colombia produce YaoFlowers gorgeous roses. The constant mild temperature slows the plants growth producing large blossoms and long elegant stems. YaoFlowers research on varieties allows us to consistently produce beautiful, radiant roses that last. Your roses are thirsty and need to drink water for 8-12 hours to perk up. With proper care, your roses will bloom over the next few days.

Where can I buy Pacifica's Tahitian Gardenia solid perfume? How much does it cost?

You can purchase the solid perfume at for $8.95 (Aerosol is $19.95).

Where can I buy Pacifica's Tahitian Gardenia solid perfume? How much does it cost?
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I have yellow leaves on my gardenia bushes, and green too. I've already used iron?

Healthy gardenia bushes get yellow leaves on them all the time. (odd ones not all the leaves). they are evergreen and when the leaves get old and need to be replaced they go yellow and drop off. Most deficiencies show up as green veins or edges and yellow on th leaf at the same time.

If the yellow is just on the odd leave, ignore nothing wrong, just nature taking its course.

I have yellow leaves on my gardenia bushes, and green too. I've already used iron?
Either too much water or too little. Are the leaves soft and yellow? if so, water less. If they are dry and brittle and yellow water more.
Reply:There are so many reasons a gardenia will have yellow leaves. We always hear too much or too little water. Try putting it in a less sunny location for awhile. If it's in a pot, water once a week and use a 20-20-20 fertilizer, one tablespoon per gallon of water. After about one month, plant in a partial sun in the ground. Make sure you water fully the first time, then follow up with a good plant food every couple of weeks. Allow soil to dry between waterings.
Reply:Sounds like a mineral deficiency. Try adding some calcium (a little cornmeal) and some epsom salts (Magnesium Sulfate).

Gardenias need a bit of both.

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Do gardenia bushes have large roots?

I want to plant a gardenia bush and would like to know if

the roots would interfere with drains etc.

Do gardenia bushes have large roots?
MASTER GARDENER to the RESCUE. Actually it's the other way around. Will your drains interfere with your gardenia roots? I am assuming you are planting the popular, normal sized plants like G. augusta and not G. thunbergia which in my garden has topped 12 feet?

The gardenia I assume you want to plant does not have a big nasty root system. In fact try to keep it from being crowding from other plants. I know you didn't ask for planting advise, but us MASTER GARDENERS always try to give you your nickles worth, so I'm going to tell you any how.

you want to provide fast-draining but moisture-retentive soil conditioned with lots of organic matter such as peat moss or ground bark. (don't forget to moisten the peat moss before mixing into the soil). Always plant gardenias high, like azaleas to avoid crowding from other plants and competing roots. That doesn't mean ontop of a 2 foot mound... but that really wouldn't hurt. Just so it is planted slightly higher then the other nearby plants.

Mulch to control weeds. Do not cultivate around them. If your water is high in salts, leach salt monthly to avoid leaf burn. Mist plants early in the morning except when in bloom.

Feed every 3 weeks during growing season with ACID plant food. Remove dead wood and faded flowers right away. Wash the plant frequently with jet spray of hose, but not if temp will top 90 deg.

They can be a real pain in the ... but when cared for they are a joy to be near. Enjoy.
Reply:They will not interfere with your drain pipes, I have two planted on top of were the sewer drains are in my yard, they have been there for around 8 years

How did Billie Holiday keep the white gardenia in her hair without it falling out?

Please no silly answers

How did Billie Holiday keep the white gardenia in her hair without it falling out?
You can put a bobby pin in between the branches or the flower or take a hair pin and go through the bottom of the flower to secure it.

Whatever you choose make sure you use at least 2-3 pins in different positions to secure it firmly.

It may take a little work, to get in in just the right position and make sure its secure, but take your time the first few times can be a little hard.

Good luck!
Reply:When i was her for halloween i tucked it in my hair (i have thick curly hair) and bobby pinned it and it stayed the whole night
Reply:she probably used hairpins like this:

You can buy a cheaper version that bends back and twists around and it will hold anything in place.

Gardenia care, how difficult is it?

Just purchased a potted Gardenia plant beaultiful! Never had to care for a Gardenia before. Any tips?

Gardenia care, how difficult is it?
Your challenge in growing the gardenia as a houseplant is to match the plant’s native environment as closely as possible. First, make sure you give the plant plenty of bright light, preferably direct sunshine for at least half a day. Winter will likely be the most difficult time to keep high light intensity due to shorter, gloomy days. Moving plants closer to southern-exposure windows and/or supplementing with plant-grow lights will help. Cooler room temperatures are best for the gardenia, around 55 F at night and about 10 degrees warmer by day.

Maintaining proper relative humidity is a challenge, particularly during the winter heating season. There are several ways to help increase humidity, including running a humidifier and grouping plants together on trays of wet pebbles. Misting by hand with a spray bottle offers only momentary relief and so does not really increase humidity in a meaningful way.

A healthy, blooming gardenia will need to be nurtured with a steady supply of water and nutrients, but don’t overdo. The goal is to provide the proper balance of water, air and nutrients. If soil is kept constantly wet, the roots will be starved for air. Too much fertilizer can lead to damaging salt accumulation. Monitor the soil frequently for moisture content, and water thoroughly as the top inch of soil dries. Use a fertilizer that is formulated for acid-loving, blooming plants, such as an azalea-type product, according to rates listed on the label.

Don’t be afraid to prune the gardenia; in fact, blooming will be more prolific on younger growth. Remember that the gardenia is a woody shrub in its native environment and so may need to have older, woody stems removed to encourage new branches.
Reply:I have had such a difficult time with gardenias. I can grow practically every thing else, but gardenias. Once again, I bought 3 gardenia plants and this time planted them in a slightly shaded area. They are doing great. Make sure you water them frequently (but not excessively) in their well drained soil as they will pout if you don't. Also, they are acid loving plants so fertilize so use a ferilizer especially for azalea's or gardenias.

Best of luck. Mine is finally changing!