Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are Gardenias an acid loving plant?

I have some fertilizer for Azailiers(???spelling) but woundered if the gardinias might like it too, are they also acid liking plants?

Are Gardenias an acid loving plant?
Epsom salts sprinkled around the drip line, water in. Coffee grounds and/or tea bags. Good old MiracleGro. Cuttings will root in water or use rootone and plunk in soil.
Reply:Yes, indeed. And azalea is what you meant.

Coffee grounds and egg shells too


Same food.

Reply:Yes. May I suggest the Southern Living Complete Gardening Guide. If you live anywhere in the south (upper or lower) it is a great guide. It tells you everything you need to know and breaks the zones down by zone and climate. This book has never failed me and greenish brown thumb. : - )
Reply:Yes, gardenias love acid based foods. Your good azalea food will suffice. They are not very cold hardy however, so up north do well as a potted and solarium plant.

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